About 2Connect


2Connect is a truly global carrier, specialising in data connectivity to the Middle East, let us show you how we can provide you with the telecommunications solution to meet your needs. Founded in 2004, 2Connect now boasts a fully-protected international IPLC, Ethernet-over-SDH (EoS) and MPLS capable submarine/terrestrial fibre-based network, with PoPs in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Chicago, Toronto & Singapore, to deliver your services - quickly, securely, reliably. Our Middle East fibre-based access network infrastructure delivers carrier-class connectivity terminating directly in your customer's server room/datacentre location.

2Connect's network is a true in-house end-to-end delivery. From the point-of-interconnect, your critical traffic travels over the 2Connect international backbone/Middle East regional access network directly to the end-customer premises enabling us to provide industry-leading SLA's, delivery timescales and cost-effective circuits.

Along with helping other carriers/service providers to extend their service to the Middle East, 2Connect's own access network customer base spans a number of industry segments, Financial, Military, Insurance, Education and Legal with a number of Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies amongst them.

Our regional offices are strategically located around the globe to provide local points of contact.
  • London for all European business
  • Singapore for all Asia-Pacific business
  • Virginia, USA for all Americas business
  • Manama, Bahrain for all Middle Eastern & Africa business

Brief Company History:

  • 2004 - Business Inception
  • 2005 - First PoP outside Bahrain established in London Telehouse North
  • 2007 - First STM1-plus international capacity to Bahrain by an OLO
  • 2007/08 - Two Years in Succession - Nominated for Best Brand Award at Telecoms World Awards Middle East
  • 2009 - London regional office opens
  • 2010 - Riyadh/Kuwait PoPs established
  • 2011 - London PoP (2nd), Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Chicago, Toronto and Singapore PoPs established
  • 2011 - 2Connect GCCIX Middle East regional fibre network activation

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Year Founded:



Manama, Bahrain

Regional Offices:

UK, Singapore and USA

Global PoP Locations:

  • Europe
  • London Telehouse North
  • London Equinix LD4
  • Frankfurt Equinix FR1
  • Amsterdam Equinix AM1
  • Paris Equinix PA2

  • USA/Canada
  • 350 East Cermak, Chicago
  • 151 Front Street West, Toronto

  • Asia
  • Singapore Equinix SG1

  • Middle East
  • Kuwait Al Zour AZ1
  • Saudi Al Fadhili AF1
  • Saudi Ghunan GH1
  • Saudi Riyadh RI1
  • Qatar Doha DS1
  • UAE Silaa SI1
  • Bahrain Jasra JS1
  • Bahrain Manama NBB1
  • Bahrain KFCA

Number of Employees:


Target Markets:

Worldwide SDH, Ethernet and MPLS data connectivity supplier to/from the Middle East.